Who We Are


A success story, Poke format

The best that the land and the sea can offer

Who we are

1st Hawaiian poke in Italy

I Love Poke is the first Italian fast-food chain dedicated
to the world of poke, where tasting this super healthy Hawaiian dish
becomes the key to a healthy and greedy lifestyle.

Lots of fresh and genuine ingredients to customize your bowl,
in a creative and tasty path with an always
different result according to your desires.
Because loving each other also means eating consciously
without giving up the best of what Mother Nature offers.

Love Yourself, Eat Healthy...

Our history

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I Love Poke was born in 2017 from an idea of ​​Rana Edwards,
a young New York researcher interested in the well-being of the body.
During her honeymoon in California, she is struck by the
traditional poke, a dish made with fresh, healthy, and full of flavor ingredients.
Hence the idea of ​​opening I Love Poke in Milan, in a small venue
a few steps from the Duomo that has been able to conquer the hearts and palates of customers
by opening, in just over a year, another five clubs
in Milan … and many more will come!