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The best tasty poke
hawaiano a Castel Maggiore

The Poke a Castel Maggiore nasce, come piatto salutare, cosiddetto healthy, della cucina hawaiana: una ciotola di pesce crudo, riso, spezie, salse, sale marino e alghe.

The poke bowl also appeals because, apart from being a low-calorie dish, it offers the opportunity to indulge in the creation of a poke bowl customised. Everyone can create their own Poke bowl as they wish.

Fresh, healthy ingredients, local organic produce and tropical island fruits. To a base of rice, quinoa, cereal or salad, you add your favourite protein, vegetables and fruit and sauces.

Le combinazioni sono pressoché tante quanto la bontà di questo prodotto! Castemaggiore riscopre quindi la bontà di questo prodotto e sand want to try it the Hawaiian way, come and visit us and mahalo for sharing your love of this food with us.


Your Hawaiian poke
a Castel Maggiore in delivery

I Love Poke Castel Maggiore is part of I Love Poke, the first Italian fast-food chain dedicated to the world of poke, where enjoying this super-healthy Hawaiian dish becomes the key to a healthy and delicious lifestyle.

Lots of fresh and genuine ingredients to customise your bowl, in a creative and tasty journey with a result that is always different according to your wishes. Because loving oneself also means eating consciously without giving up the best of what Mother Nature offers.


Gusta la tua poke a Castel Maggiore!

I Love Poke Castel maggiore

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