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Poke in L’Aquilone was born as a healthy dish, so-called healthy, of Hawaiian cuisine: a bowl of raw fish, rice, spices, sauces, sea salt and algae.

The poke bowl is also appreciated because, in addition to being a low-calorie dish, it offers the possibility of indulging in the creation of a personalized poke bowl. Everyone can create their own Poke bowl as they wish.

Fresh and healthy ingredients, local organic products and fruit from tropical islands. To a base of rice, quinoa, cereals or salad, add the proteins, vegetables and fruit of your choice and your favorite sauces.

The combinations are almost as many as the goodness of this product! Bologna therefore rediscovers the goodness of this product and if you want to try it the Hawaiian way, come and visit us and mahalo to share your love for this food with us.

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I Love Poke L’Aquilone is the first Italian fast-food chain dedicated to the world of poke, where tasting this super healthy Hawaiian dish becomes the key to a healthy and greedy lifestyle.

Lots of fresh and genuine ingredients to personalize your bowl, in a creative and tasty path with an always different result according to your desires. Because loving each other also means eating consciously without giving up the best of what Mother Nature offers.

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I Love Poke L’Aquilone

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