Bocconcini Planted 100% vegetable are based on pea protein, with a taste and texture incredibly similar to chicken meat, but without any additives or soya. Rich in proteins (18g/100g) and source of fibres, are ahealthy and tasty alternative for those who want to eliminate or even reduce meat consumption. Furthermore, compared to chicken meat, planted.chicken emits 77% less CO2-eq and consumes 85% less water.

They are available in both Poke Bowl that in the Tacos!


Planted is a Swiss start-up company founded in 2019 by the ETH Zurich and in just a few years has become a European benchmark in food plant-based. Planted products are distinguished by taste and clean labelare in fact made only with natural ingredientsSwiss and European supply chain. The mission is in fact to offer atruly healthy, tasty and sustainable alternative to animal meat, generating a positive impact on the planet without sacrificing taste and anbalanced nutrition.


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