The 100% plant-based Planted Bites are based on pea protein, with an incredibly similar taste and texture to chicken meat, but without any additives and without soy. Rich in protein (18g/100g) and a source of fiber, they are a healthy and tasty alternative for those who want to eliminate or even just reduce their meat consumption. Furthermore, compared to chicken meat, the planted.chicken emits 77% less CO2-eq and consumes 85% less water.

They are available in both the Poke Bowl and Tacos!

Planted is a Swiss start-up born in 2019 from the Zurich Polytechnic and in a few years it has become a European point of reference in the panorama of plant-based foods . Planted products stand out for their taste and clean label : in fact, they are made only with natural ingredients from Swiss and European supply chains. The mission is in fact to offer a truly healthy, tasty and sustainable alternative to animal meat, generating a positive impact on the planet without sacrificing taste and a balanced diet .


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